The Journey to here...

Hello World! {I'm excited about this but a little nervous too}

I have finally decided to embrace the digital world and write a blog, I'd love to share with you the goings on in my little corner of the world. We Made This Home will be a journal documenting the journey my husband and I have taken from buying our first little rundown house, doing it up and making it home.

We got married almost two years ago, whilst planning the wedding we found the perfect little house, a doer upper. It felt like the right time for us to buy and what could be so hard about doing up a house and planning a wedding? HA! Well, what we didn't realise was how much work would be involved and how hard it really would be!!!

We moved in the day we came back from our honeymoon, it was also the day that the central heating was connected for the first time. We had no kitchen, no shower, no carpets and plaster was falling off the walls. It was tough. But, with a positive attitude, all be it, slightly nieve, we took on the challenge and haven't regretted a minute of the process.

Renovating has been a long hard process, but, we have almost got it to the 'blank canvas' phase, for me this is incredibly exciting and I would love to take you on the journey with me as we begin to make it home.

Thank you for popping by, enjoy the rest of your week.

Laura  :)