Finding Treasure

This weekend, whilst pottering, I happened to find a little piece of treasure. Some time ago my Nanna gave me a copy of Mrs Beetons Housekeepers Management book. (1st Edition) that had belonged to her Aunt. It's somewhat falling apart, the spine is missing and the pages have discoloured over time.

As I was delicately leafing through the pages I came across a cake recipe written out by Nanna's Aunt on almost transparent paper, possibly over 100 years old. I can't tell you how special it was to find such a treasure. The ingredients are a little bit difficult to make out, but once I manage to decipher the handwriting I would love to have a go at making the cake.

Whenever I visit Nanna down in London, I love hearing her stories from bygone days. Her tales are always of happy times, many are inspiring and put modern-day living into a perspective. 

I find myself wondering what Nanna's Aunt was like, what was her kitchen like, was she a good cook and how did this cake turn out? I also wonder if she ever expected her handwritten recipe to be passed on down the generations?

To be continued... (I shall keep you posted as to how the cake turns out when I get chance to do some baking)