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Would you believe that Easter is just around the corner with this cold winter weather that we are having here in the UK? I am especially excited about Easter this year, not only because I get to eat chocolate for breakfast but, because Im taking part in Dawns Easter Swap over on Instagram

Dawn {you can find her here} has organised the secret crafty swap between a group of Instagram friends, it is a fantastic excuse to indulge in some crafty projects and an opportunity to build up friendships with people I  have never met but share similar interests with. I like to think of it as having a modern day pen friend.

Instagram is a fantastic social networking space, at first I used the app to improve my pictures, I love that I can upload an image of my shabby home (or myself for that matter) add a filter and it makes everything looks peachy. But I have since discovered it to be a network of really friendly, crafty and inspirational people who I share many interests with. The Craft Swaps that Dawn has set up has brought a little group of people from all corners of the world together by making and sharing little gifts. Isn't that wonderful?

My gifts are made and ready to be posted at the end of the week and of cause I will wait excitedly for my parcel to arrive. I shall be in touch.

Thanks for organising it Dawn :)