Cupcake Decorating afternoon with friends

What better way to spend a Saturday afternoon than participating in an artisan cupcake decorating lesson with friends? 

A group of work friends and I were invited to a cupcake decorating afternoon last weekend. Franccsca from the Cheshire Cat Cake Company showed us the basics involved in decorating the prettiest of cupcakes. I had never properly iced a cake before and was thrilled to bits with the results, they looked amazing. Best of all Francesca had very kindly baked me a batch of Gluten Free cupcakes and so I was able to taste them afterwards.

Our first lesson was to create these cute edible decorations using rolled icing in a selection of pastel colours. Each flower was individually cut using tiny cutter, layered up and left to dry out in an egg box. The egg box is used to draw moisture from the icing and also helps to form shape if placed against the curves of the box.

We leant to pipe butter cream, this technique was by far my favourite, it took a bit of practice but after a few goes we had all mastered it and could create perfect rosettes that looked beautiful. We also practice embossing, painting and added glitter for a sparkly finishing touch.

It was a fantastic afternoon, I recommend getting your friends together and having ago.

Special thanks to Amanda for being the perfect hostess and to Francesca from the Cheshire Cat Cake Company for being ever so patient with us girls who like to chat, ask questions and take notes meaning the class ran on a little longer than it should have, we had a fantastic time.