Neutral tones, earthy pinks and pale pastel shades

May I share with you a little collection of pretty things? At the moment I find myself attracted to soft neutral tones, earthy pinks and pale pastel shades, combined with rustic textures such as linen and lace. I love putting moodboards together, the one below is just for fun, but when we come to decorating the house properly, I shall be putting serious thought into all the little details. I think this would make a gorgeous scheme for a calm bedroom... 

I have a feeling it maybe a while before we get round to doing the bedrooms, so for now I will just have to dream of all the gorgeous possibilities that could be pulled together to create the perfect sleep space. 


Above are two images recently taken of two of my favourite corners of our home, the first is the dining room and the second the living room. 

I love the light that floods in through the windows, it makes the rooms feel bright and happy. Our colour pallet is neutral, the walls are just painted with white undercoat for now - we ran out of funds and time before christmas to finish it off - but I have grown ever more fond of the 'blank canvas' walls it means I can change things around on a whim, accents of colour can easily be added and changed seasonally and most of all the small rooms feel bigger and brighter. 

Notice the cushion is in both images. I love it so much I can't decide on where to keep it so it tends to move from spot to spot :) 

 Hope for week is treating you well.