One of my favourites

I noticed this morning that the hydrangea bush in our front garden has begun to show signs of waking up after what seems like a winter that has lasted a life time, it wont be long now before it is in full bloom, a sight worth waiting for. I think they are beautiful flowers and best of all it graces us with its presents most of the year.

I love the fresh green buds in early spring just as the garden begins to come to life, the vibrant magenta pink petals in summer and the vintage hues in autumn as the bush begins to fade away. 

I took these pictures two years ago, the thing that is most special about them is that this very bud grew roots after keeping them in a vase for a couple of months, it was a total flook, I planted it in a pot and have watched it grow with anticipation. Unfortunately the snow that came a few weeks ago might have done some damage. I have everything crossed that it will pick up soon *heres hoping because when it comes to gardening I have got no clue.*