Peony & Sage Fabric Heart

What could be more perfect than crafting in your favourite spot without the faff of setting up a sewing machine? Whilst we have been working on the house I haven't really had chance to set up a designated spot for it, so the idea of 'portable' crafts are appealing to me more than ever at the moment ~ knitting and crochet trump all portable crafts in my opinion, but I would like to add another to that list... Hand sewing!

I'v never been that neat at hand sewing and usually avoid it if I can. However, I was compelled to pick up a needle and thread and try and perfect my wobbly sewing technique. Here's what happened...

My sewing is still wobbly, but I'm thrilled with the little fabric heart that now hangs at the bottom of my bed.

Have a beautiful day

Laura :)