Out in the Garden

Remember last Friday I posted 5 inspirational garden images here? well I actually got out in the garden and began to create the very beginnings of my own little haven. I always knew our garden would require a huge amount of effort and hard work, but I didn't quite anticipate just how hard it would be, that said, it was the most satisfying hard work I've done in ages.

I started of just doing a bit of weeding... then... out of nowhere came the decision that the raised vegetable bed that I've wanted for a while was going to happen right there and then. My husband had the bright idea of building the bed using the old brick that we had left over from the house. I laid out the bricks, dug down about the depth of a spade, filled the bottom with rubble to help with drainage. Then put the soil back and added some compost which I 'borrowed' from my dad :) I absolutely love its rustic look and has transformed our little jungle.

We are watching our pennies at the moment and I'm so pleased that this project didn't cost a thing to put together, my Mother-in-law kindly gave me a box of various seeds that she had collected last year. I have planted 3 rows of salad leaves, a row of spring onions, chili peppers, peppers, carrots and sweet peas.

Each evening that I've got home from work this week, I've rushed up the drive into the garden to check on it... no sign of any growth yet.

My sister gave me some rhubarb a while ago which I put to one side and had forgotten about, we found it in the garage, it appeared to have done quite well in the dark and with out water!!!! I've planted it up and have everything crossed that it picks up. I can't wait to make a rhubarb crumble cake later on in the year... So come on little plat grow your socks off and be quick :)

I also picked some blossom form the tree in the front garden and brought it into the house, it smells amazing, the petals have fallen round the vase but it looks like confetti. Iv enjoyed gardening much more than I thought I would. Are you keen on gardening and growing your own food? If so please share any tips you might have, I would love to hear from you.

Take care.

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