Lazy Autumn Afternoon Fig Flapjack

This time of year is by far my favourite, there is something about the shift in the season that fills me with a real sense of joy. I love the changing colours that autumn brings, the dipping temperature and  the change it brings to our home. This is the time of year I like to light candles as the afternoon sun starts to fade and bring out the blankets to pull over our knees as we snuggle up and get cozy.

Figs are also amongst my favourites this time of year and if there is any excuse to add them to your shopping list this would be one - Lazy Autumn Afternoon Fig Flapjack, perfect served warm with a cup of tea. 

I found this Nigel Slater recipe on the BBC food website, you can also watch the recipe here. You know I might even go as far as adding Nigel Slater to my list of autumn favourites, there is something very homely about him and his recipes. 

So pull on your cozy socks, light some candles, slice some figs and mix up a quick batch of flapjack to enjoy as the afternoon sun begins to fade.