And Winter Came...

In the winter garden, bright red berries and velvet evergreens emerge from the fallen leaves that lie like a blanket of gold protecting the cold ground beneath. 

I spent an afternoon with my Sisters at Mum and Dads house where we made our Christmas Wreaths in the warmth of the kitchen after foraging for our material out in the garden.

This is the second year we have got together to make our wreaths, my first atempt was a bit on the skinny side, so this year I made sure I bulked it out with a lot more greenery. 

Here's how I made my Christmas Wreath:
First create a rough circle from two long branches by tying the ends together with thin craft wire, the shape may not resemble a circle at this stage, however if you continue to weave thin branches in and out it will gain strenght and you will be able to bend it into shape.

Keep weaving until you have a fairly solid structure (I actually really like the simplicity of a wreath made from just twigs and a few leaves, but as the last wreath look too skinny on the door I have embraced the 'more is more' theory this year and filled it out with lots of evergreen...) 

Next add evergreens by poking them between the twigs, you will find the more twigs you have used the tighter the gaps, therefor the greenery is more likely to fit snugly.  I have added bits we found in the garden - evergreens, Holly, Ivy, and Berries. 

Finish off with a big bow.

And so the festivities begin! I do love December and all its festive cheer. 

Laura :)