Good for the soul

Oh boy did we need this break, I hadn't realised how much we need to be away before we left home and took the 6 hour journey down to the south coast of Devon, but since we have been here in Salcome this week we can truly say that we feel great for the fresh sea air. It has given us time to think, to mend and to just be at one with each other. It has been the most relaxing week we have had in a very long time.

Cuckoo Bird from over at Tales From Cuckoo Land very kindly offered us her cozy holiday home, The Old Porch Cottage in Salcoumbe, it has been a beautiful week and a much need break. {Thank you so much G} 

The weather has been beautiful, bright sunny skies with a crisp chill in the air, perfect for a February get away. We had a short spell of thunder and lightning followed by hale stones and a brief power cut, fortunately we were in our pj's at the time having just boiled the kettle for a cup of tea! Talk about perfect timing! It didn't last long before the sun was out again. 

We found something to do each day we were here without having to make a plan or look at the time. We have been for lots of walks along the sea front {we even managed to fit in a little run!} We wondered in and out of the little shops, and took a trip to the lighthouse at Star Point. The lighthouse was closed for the winter so we scrambled to the top of the rocks and sat on a cliff top at what felt like the highest point and let our minds wonder as we breathed in the fresh sea air.

Our adventures, all be it on the slow, meandering side, were fuled by lots of good food. Let's face it we weren't here to exert ourselves in any way. We let ourselves wonder and when we felt hungry we stopped to eat. There was a handful of nice little caf├ęs and restaurants to try, the best thing I discovered here in Salcome was the gluten free chocolate and raspberry brownie. It was delicious.

Thank you so much G for letting us stay in your cozy home by the sea.