DIY Clothes Peg Holder

Heals are re-launching their fabric collection this spring with exclusive commissions from some of the most exciting contemporary textile designers such as Zandra Rhodes, Diana Bloomfield and Malika Favre to name just a few.

I was really excited when Heals got in touch and asked if I would like to receive some samples of their new fabric collection to use in any way I wished. The fabric bundle arrived earlier this week, a mix of colourful and playful designs and I couldn't wait to spend an afternoon with my sewing machine.

I have been meaning to make a peg bag for a while now and the fabric swatches I received were perfect for the project.

Step 1
Cut two pieces of fabric to roughly the size of an A4 sheet of paper and lay them flat with the patterns facing each other. Pin in place and stitch down the two long edges.

Step 2
Fold the stitched fabric the right way and iron the the edges flat.

Step 3

Fold down the top (short edge) about 3cm, pin into place and stitch along the inner edge.

Step 4
Repete step 3 for the bottom edge, only this time insert a length of ribbon in-between the folded fabric. Ensure that the ribbon is long enough to tie around your waist.

Step 5
Once all edges have been stitched fold the fabric in (almost half) and sew the two sides up.

I love this pretty fabric inspired by tropical flowers plants and trees, its called Herbarium and would also be perfect to make a garden tool belt created in a similar way or cushions for a summer house, what do you think of the fabric?
Don't for get to look out for the Heals fabric collection launching this spring.Enjoy.