My Pick of the Week

Gosh what a beautiful weather we have had here in the UK this week, the nice weather is such a mood lifter isn't it? I have had mixed emotions this week ranging from happy excited - to nervous and anxious. I was so anxious about being back at work and it really took toll on my creativity, it's hard to be designer when you get a creative block and is made worse by panicking about it… I'm hoping that the weekend break was all I needed to over come the blockage and I will go back to work this week feeling refreshed. 

Despite the little wobble I felt at work, I have had such a happy, creative time at home and feel so inspired to get stuck into some craft projects. I have been sewing, making, planning and dreaming. I will share some of the projects I have in mind over the coming weeks.

Here are some things I have loved this week:

~  Meditation using this app designed to help engage with inner thoughts bringing peace and clarity

Tempted by this gorgeous fabric… OK, the temptation proved way too much and I just had to buy  
    it. Remember this post from way back when I talked about my dream bedroom? well this fabric will 
    be perfect for roman blinds don't you think?

Perusing this websites for inspiration, I am on there verge of becoming obsessed with making my
   own cloths. Has anyone else been inspired by the Great British Sewing Bee?

Loving the sentiments of this cushion from Bramble and Bracken, on my list to buy soon

Baking some awesome blueberry muffins (I will share these with you next week)

I would love to know what you have been enjoying this week, it's always great to fine new websites to browse.

Love laura :)

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