Make Your Own Garden Tool Belt

Brighten up your gardening outfit with this pretty garden tool belt. I was inspired by a pattern I had seen in the Cabbages and Roses Homemade Vintage book and had to give it a go.

For this project you will need: ~ two pieces of fabric aprox 66 x 27cm  ~ two binding strips of fabric aprox 114 x 8cm~ Sewing machine ~ Thread~ Buttons and ribbon for decoration (optional)~ PinsStep 1: Cut the two pieces of fabric to size, place them with the pattern facing, stitch down the two short edges and one long edge. At each stitched corner trim the fabric diagonally. Turn the fabric the right way and press the edges flat with an iron.Step 2: Fold the long sewn edge down by about 3.5cm and stitch into place. If you would like to add a strip of ribbon like I have, simply fold a piece in half and insert 10cm from the edge before sewing.Step 3: To create the main pockets, fold the fabric up aprox 20cm and stitch the two edges and one in the centre, this will create two pockets. Step 4: Join the two binding strips together at the short edge to create one long strip. Press the seam flat. Then fold the strip in half along the long edge, iron flat then fold the two raw edges in and iron flat again.Step 5: stitch the binding onto the tool belt pocket

Happy pottering in the garden friends.

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