Eccleston Village Open Gardens

From time to time Richard and I walk past these enchanting cottages on our way down to the river for a picnic, often peeping over the hedges and fences trying to get a better look into the beautifully kept gardens.

This weekend the residence of Eccelston village opened their garden gates to the public in order to raise money for B.I.R.D.S charity so we went along to support and have a jolly good nosey. There were 18 gardens to visit, dotted amongst the village all were stunning and in full bloom.

The first garden we visited, right on the edge of the village, served Pims for their guests and play music from a Land Rover which was decorated with crochet bunting. I loved how it looked like it was ready for a picnic with the Fortnum & Mason hamper and lots of comfy cushions in the back. 
I loved this little (not so little) Beehouse at the bottom of one of the gardens. Especially built for the bees, lucky things :)


The gardens were a mix between immaculate, well kept gardens and wild cottage gardens, perfect for every bug, bee and butterfly. My favourite was the garden below which was like a secret garden with little archways and pathways leading to little open spaces, a pond and a vegetable patch. The planting was wild and so beautiful. 

It was such a great afternoon and has filled me with so much inspiration for our little garden.