Cranberries ~ 5 Recipes I'd Like To Try

I have been loving topping my cereal with these ruby jewels over the last few weeks, every so slightly on the sour side, they wake up my tastebuds and are really quite refreshing. 

I thought I would share 5 winter recipes that are on my list to try over the season.

ONE ~ Cranberry and pomegranate sauce ~ with only 3 ingredients! Find the recipe here
TWO ~ Brussels sprouts with cranberries ~  for a little something different. Find the recipe here
THREE ~ Sticky cranberry sausages ~ by Nigel Slater. Find the recipe here
FOUR ~ Cookies with orange soaked cranberries ~ Find the recipe here
FIVE ~ Spiced cranberry muffins ~ by Delia Smith ~ Find the recipe here

Which recipe do you like the sound of? I want to try them all.Laura

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