DIY Wallpaper Gift Bag

Goodness me, this month has quite literally flown by! I can hardly believe that we are in the midst of the last weekend before Christmas Day, can you? 

As much as I felt I was super organised at the start of the month, I appear to have had a busy afternoon finishing off a few things that had been left undone until now... Thankfully the postman dropped off the last of the gifts on our "to buy" list - I was beginning to worry that my poor dad would be left out on Christmas Day... But it's here and now all I have to do is wrap, wrap, wrap!!!!! 

A couple of weeks ago when I was feeling slightly chuffed with myself for being organised I made a few gift bags from some wallpaper samples, they are so simple to make, with only a few folds and some ribbon you will have the perfect little bag to fill with gifts.

You will need: 
Wallpaper off cuts, roughly twice the size you intend your finished bag to be.
Double-sided tape
Scissors or craft knife
Ribbon for the handles

Cut the wallpaper twice the size you would like the finished bag to be and fold in half down the centre.

STEP 2: 
Open out flat so that the crease is now in the centre, fold the two outer edges in to the centre, overlapping enough to stick together with double sided tape (creating a tube).

STEP 3: 
Tuck the base into the tube, this will create the beginning of the base of the bag.

STEP 4: 
Fold up the bottom.

Open out the fold you have just made at the bottom to create two triangle pieces either side.

STEP 6: 
Fold the two flaps down into the centre of the base.

STEP 7: 
Secure with double sided tape.

STEP 8: 
Fold down a small section of the top into the centre of the bag, this will create a more solid structure for the handles.

STEP 9: 
Carefully make two holes in the top and tie in some ribbon for the handles.

Pop over to the Laura Ashley blog early next week to see a few more of my gift wrapping ideas and my festive table display, I had so much fun putting the post together for them, happy crafting.Laura xxxInspired by the tutorial on Hello Sandwich

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