This Joyful Moment


Sometimes a perfect stranger crosses your path at just the right moment in time and something beautiful occurs, I love it when that happens, a serendipitous moment just waiting to evolve.

A few months back I met the lovely Ruth Garner from Gathered Cheer, we became friends over on Instagram, following each other's daily posts and getting to know each other through pretty pictures -isn't Instagram a wonderful place to make friends and get inspired! 

In the mids of a tricky time a couple of weeks back, details I shall not bore you with here, I stumbled upon a little quote from within the meanderings of my little mind: "life isn't always sweet, but when it is, savory the sweetness". It made me smile. I have an awful lot to be thankful for and taking a moment to think about it really put me in a positive frame of mind! There is nothing quite like positive thinking to pull you up when you need it most. 

That same afternoon a little message arrived in my inbox, quite by chance, it was from Ruth asking me if I would like to collaborate with her on a little joyfullness project! The timings of her email could not have been better, it sounded absolutly perfect. 

For those of you yet to discover the hashtag #thisjoyfulmoment, it's a project that has now been running for a month, celebrating the little moments in life that make us feel joyful, we share these moments on Instagram on a Sunday and it has evolved to be such a lovely gallery full happiness shared between perfect strangers. Here are just a few of my favourites from the last month.

Brass Band // Pink Anemone // Letter Writing // Sweet Treats //
Healthy Breakfast // Family Walks // Early Mornings // Father & Daughter

It would be absolutely fantastic if you join us and share a picture over on Instagram of your joyful moment using the hashtag #thisjoyfulmoment. This could be a picture of anything that is special to you, a gorgeous sunrise, the first cup of tea do the day, a moment with your family. Anything goes!

Taking photographs is a magical experience, it is a way of capturing a fleeting moment in time and locking memories on a screen forever (must make a note to back up my images) I love to take pictures, some just snapshots whilst out and about, others images are of profound moments in time, all of which tell the story of my life. Capturing these moment and sharing them within a social community has become a very normal part of my day to day, I love the visual diary I have created, but most importantly I love the connections I'v made along the way.

Ruth shares a weekly round up of joyful images on her blog. So please do join us. Let's paint the web with joy. Don't forget the hashtag #thisjoyfulmoment when you upload your images on Instagram.

Have a lovely week.
Love Laura xxx

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