Springtime Cheer

This little space, here on the internet, where I share my thought and engage with other bloggers, has become one of the nicest places to get to know lovely and inspiring people who share similar passions for creativity and kindness.

A couple of weeks ago I signed up to Lucy's Springtime Surprise Project, a happy little project to send a parcel of springtime cheer to a perfect stranger celebrating all that is good about the connections we make with others online. Over 200 fellow bloggers and Social media users signed up and our partners carefully chosen by Lucy herself.

My swap partner was Caroline who writes the blog Scraps Of Us. I had not come across Caroline's blog or Instagram feed before signing up to the project, but I'm so glad have now had the opportunity to get to know her, her blog is a scrapbook of adventures and memories made with her family treasure hunting . It was lovely to also discovered we have mutual online friends. It's a small and wonderful world isn't it. 

Caroline put a beautiful parcel together for me, made up of so many treasures that I absolutely love. I received an Observer book on house plants, vintage cotton reals and buttons, lace and ribbon, fabric and a cushion cover all in my favourite colours mint green and pink.

Caroline likes to hunt for treasures and creates geometric images from her finds, you can see her photography here. I can't tell you how excited I was to discover these hidden pressed flowers when I termed the pages of the vintage book… It was like finding my own treasure. How absolutely beautiful. 

Thank you so much Caroline for your very thoughtful Springtime gifts you have really made my day and also thank you Lucy for taking the time to organise such a great project.

Love Laura xxx

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