A Wild Floral Affair ~ Styling the Seasons ~ May

May is a beautiful month isn't it, I love the transition between spring and summer, the warmer days and brighter evenings bring an uplifting feeling with them. 
Last month was a blur. Adjusting to life with a newborn was a whirlwind, it was challenging, constant and tiring but most of all it was beautiful. I look back at the first few weeks of parenthood and smile with fond memories of how my husband and I fumbled our way through each day (and night) not really knowing what we were doing for the best. We seem to be settling into our own little rhythm now, growing more confident each day learning from the day before. I am smiling to myself as I read back over the post I had written for March where I was focusing on the simplicity of relaxed living - life now could not be further from that, quite honestly the newborn days are wild… so in a way I wanted to capture a sense of that in this post.
One of my favourite things to do at the moment is to bundle Arthur up in his pram and take him out for a walk down the country lanes when the sun is shining, the fresh air is energising isn't it? The abundance of wild flowers growing up through the hedgerows has inspired me for this months Styling the Seasons post. 
This week I took my basket along with us and picked a few flowers to bring back home and pop in small jars around the house. The space I have decided to style this month is my favourite corner of our home (you can see a before and after here) The light cast here on a bright evening is lovely, making it the perfect spot to arrange the wild flowers in various jars, my favourite is this tiny pitcher from Susie Watson with its beautifully hand painted design reminiscent of the british countryside. I have also added my twisted wicker wreath and a floral postcard alongside a couple of inspirational books that I love to flick through time and time again.

Styling the Seasons is a collaborative project set up by Katy and Charlotte. If you would like to get involved share your styled surface on your blog and social media using the hashtag #stylingtheseasons and tag Katy @aptapothecary and Charlotte @lottsandlots.

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