Hedgerow Pressed Flowers

 A few months back I received a sweet little gift, a vintage Observer book on plants, to my delight when I leafed through the well loved pages I discovered pressed flowers and petals scattered throughout like little gems, it really inspired me to have ago at pressing some florals myself. I was delighted to find a Laura Ashley flower press which comes complete with parchment paper between the cardboard layers ready to use.

With spring well underway and the hedgerows in full bloom with all sorts of British wild flowers, like bluebells, forget-me-nots, cow parsley and daisies, I took my basket out one sunny afternoon and foraged a few wild blooms to bring home and try out my new flower press. 

Here I have placed the flowers and petals on the parchment paper in a few different ways, hopefully this will give me a variety of different shapes once pressed. There are enough sheets of paper and card to press lots of small wild flowers and it only takes a week to get the finished result.

Catch up with me next week when I reveal just how these little blooms faired beneath the press and a sweet little craft idea using the pressed flowers.

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