A Sense Of Calm

January feels almost like a month of seasons in itself, one that sees so many transitions over the course of the first couple of weeks. The sparkle and glow that was Christmas lingers on through the first few days, baubles cling to drooping branches and the last of the chocolates are found amongst discarded jewl coloured wrappers at the bottom of the tin. Then, as the decorations get safely packed away and the remaining pine needles get swept up there is a sense of calm and newness that washes over our little house.

I have decided to start the year with a little Styling the Season challenge set but Katy and Charlotte to style a surface here at home in away that represents what the season means to me. I have chosen to style our table. We spend a lot of our weekends here, slow breakfasts, late lunches and dinner times. I love gathering around the table to eat, chat and make plans.

The table centre piece is an old wooden tray filled with vintage glass bottles, pine cones and my favourite glass baubles from last Christmas. I have decided not to pack these beautiful baubles away just yet, I love them, especially the ribbons made from old sari fabric. I really like the idea of bringing an element from the previous season into the next. In nature the seasons seem to flow gently forward without any clear boundaries between them, this is a nod to that idea. it also represents the notion of reminiscing and remembering a year gone by.

I picked up some beautiful white ranunculus and eucalyptus from our local florist earlier this week, I love how the colours seem so calm and fresh and work so well with our favourite mugs and glass. Last but not least I have added some candle light to the table, I find its really important to create sense of calm and coziness at home and whilst the days are fairly dark at the moment candles bring a sense of warmth into our home. These candles are held in glass jars using moss left over from making our Christmas wreath.

Styling The Seasons, set up by Katy and Charlotte, it's an idea that challenges us to be mindfull of the changing season from month to month and how it can be reflected within our homes. It's a great excuse to shuffle furniture around and play "stylist" with our favorite things. But also, it's a really great way of taking a moment within our busy lives to think about how we feel and how our surroundings can reflect positivity. Do join in if you fancy playing along, just use the hashtag #StylingTheSeasons on social media.

Have a great weekend.